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A hip hop icon joins forces with the best-selling author of The 48 Laws of Power to write a bible for success in life and work living by one simple principle: fear nothing.

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This is the step by step action plan for applying The 48 Laws of Power - and likely to be Robert's most misunderstood book

Dave Lakhani @ 2009-09-15

Robert Greene has created a powerful book that will likely be misunderstood by most or discounted by many because of the co-author and his past, this will be a big mistake. In my opinion Robert Greene has taken a fearless step by choosing to cast 50 Cent as a modern day hip hop Napoleon, while I see the correlation, I'm not sure I'd go quite that far.

The 50th law is about two topics near and dear to my heart, fearlessness and hustle. In this case the term hustle is used to describe the street hustling tactics and the criminal endeavors of 50 Cent, what you can't overlook is that much of what 50 Cent did was in fact criminal and had no socially redeeming qualities. That said, he showed amazing insight for a child with little education other than that received from trial and error and other hustlers. He showed an intuitive grasp of core concepts of power, of strategy, and of outright manipulation. Robert discusses those tactics in great detail and in a very interesting way, the text is incredibly motivating. I constantly found myself wondering what I might do if I applied the same kind of hustle in an ethical, legal way to my existing business and kept coming back to the same conclusion, the business would grow and my competitors would be impacted.

The key ideas in the book are:

1. Intense Realism - A very candid look at the value of seeing things as they are
2. Self Reliance - A look at making everything your own and controlling yourself and your surroundings
3. Opportunism - Finding the value in negative situations and making the best of ever situation while turning it to your advantage
4. Keep moving - Move with the chaos, don't give others a chance to pin you down, change your appearance to fit the environment
5. Aggression - Get over your fears of confronting people
6. Authority - The person at the top sets the tone
7. Connection - Think of the public first and their changing needs. Begin with their demand and create the appropriate supply.
8. Mastery - Learn to master boredom, outlast your rivals, learn early to endure the hours of practice and drudgery to build a proper foundation to grow from
9. Self Belief - Push beyond your limits. Your sense of who you are will determine your actions and what you get in life.
10. The Sublime - Confront your mortality

While this book does not contain the depth of history you've probably come to expect from Mr. Greene's writing, there is plenty of it here and it is well chosen to support the topic of each chapter.

If you were ever looking for the step by step how to apply all of Robert's other writing, this is it, all wrapped up in a very practical guide. Misunderstand or overlook this book at your own risk . . . better yet, get it now and learn it, you'll be glad you did.

Dave Lakhani
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It's Like Nothing You've Ever Read!

Andrea L. Ruben "Ogr @ 2009-09-10

The 50th Law, a book like nothing you've ever read before. I first expected a continuation of Mr. Greene's other books (48 LOP, TAOS); this is to say the least completely different. Fearlessness is the basic focus of The 50th Law. The book explains how fear can cripple most people from living their lives well and with power. It also gives examples of those who lived on the fringes of society, who applied themselves fearlessly to the mastery of their own particular goals in the midst of despairing circumstance. The book's co-author 50 Cent, is one of Robert Greene's most adept pupils who rose in fame, money and power in a few short years amidst many life-changing setbacks. What an inspiration for anyone who wants more than their current situation in life can give them right now. This book is for the hustler, he doesn't think like everyone else because so many people are afraid to have his responsibilities and therefore don't enjoy his rewards. That's the book's "audience", the hustlers who make ways were none seem to be available and prosper because of it. This is why the hustler will always find a way to have power in this world. Read this book with an open mind, you may realize that fear is the only thing holding you back from what you truly want. It may be hard, gritty and abrasive yet this is the only book that will tell you the truth about how exactly one rises to power in this world; it's not pretty and it's fearless.

Solid, but not as great as the previous 3

Oroboros @ 2009-09-10

The 50th Law is a decent book that spins 10 variations on the single theme of fearlessness into 10 chapters. Each chapter is further broken down into sections: the eye of the huster, the key, the strategies, and the reversal, which is similar to the original structure of the 48 laws of Power. 50 cents contributes the material of his biography and the key to fearlessness as pithy quotes. Several new individuals are also included here, from Richard Wright to Malcom X to Amelia Earhart to John Ford, along with returning favorites like Napoleon and Scipio. However, 50 cents' biography is stretched thin across 200 plus pages, and there seems to be a great deal of overlap that borders on repetition. Robert Greene should be applauded for moving into new territory, into the world of the hustlers and the rappers to supplement his previous works on the great leaders, seducers, artists, thinkers, and generals. What happened to the 49th power?

If you buy ONE book this year, buy The 50th Law "sonshi" @ 2009-10-11

Full disclosure: I'm founder of, the largest website on Sun Tzu's Art of War and where we interviewed Mr. Greene after he wrote "33 Strategies of War" and later "The 50th Law." But please understand this: We like his works so much we invited him, not because we invited him we like his work.

Now to my review. First of all I'm an avid reader of nonfiction, specifically business books. Most business books I read are mediocre and sometimes so far from being realistic that they hold little practical value. The 50th Law is far superior to anything I have read in a long long time that I've decided to write a review here. Every paragraph in the book is PACKED with insights so profound yet clear that only someone with Robert Greene's knowledge and literary skill can pull it off. The powerfully useful concepts never let up from beginning to end (very rare in books -- most would taper off by the end). I took notes to highlight the good stuff but soon gave up because it was causing me to pause too darn often.

Here is where I'm supposed to discuss the specific topics Mr. Greene discusses in his book such as: fear, having a learning mind, adapting to your environment, death, etc. But the 50th Law's depth, clarity, wisdom are impossible for someone of my caliber to render in my own words without falling short in a tragic way. Anything I say would only shortchange the book. So I won't try. Trust me on this one, once you read this book, you'll know exactly what I mean here.

OK just for balance, here are some caveats: If you happen to like lame self-improvement books by Kenneth Blanchard and his ilk, move along -- you will never grasp this book's genius. Also if you want a detailed account of 50 Cent's life, you won't find it here; what you WILL find are extraordinary analyses of 50 Cent's major decisions, how they made him a better person, and, in turn, how the lessons from them can help you in your life. A small annoyance is the book's repetition of "(now known as 50 Cent)", which sounds fine after the 2nd time but after the 5th time it got downright strange and I wonder if an unyielding editor had a heavy hand in Robert Greene's writing; no big deal, perhaps it's just me.

To conclude, if you have read Robert Greene's previous works -- I have read them all -- you will NOT be disappointed. The 50th Law is a must read for you. If you have never read his works and if you have an open but critical mind for strategy and personal development, you will be blown away. In summary, if you want honest, logical, and useful advice, The 50th Law has it in spades. This book will change the way you look at your life forever, and, I might add, change it for the better.

Thomas Huynh, founder

The Tao of 50 Cent

NoStasis @ 2009-12-02

The 50th Law is a truly unique book. Easy to read but difficult to categorize, it is part biography, part business memoir, part personal-development, part philosophy. The 50th Law is co-authored by hip-hop artist 50 Cent and Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power, a book which has become a classic in the world of hip-hop.

As an avid reader of Mr. Greene's previous work, I will remind the reader that the work is a collaboration, and there are differences from what we can usually expect from the author. The most noticeable change from his other books is the book length. While shorter than his other three books, The 50th Law is focused on depth instead of breadth, which provides an even greater level of insight into the topic. The new book does contain Greene's trademark style of historical quotes, situational analysis, and stories that perfectly illustrate the content, though in a much more condensed fashion. A second change that becomes apparent is the look and style of the book. The black cover, embossing, and the gold rimmed pages are evocative of the Bible and its many life stories. In this book, 50 Cent's message and life story are the paint and Robert Greene is the painter; together they have created a potent combination.

The previous works by Mr. Greene have examined topics of power, seduction and war in a comprehensive approach that enlightens the reader and encourages further research. The 50th Law presents more of a specific philosophy; by limiting the book to a single concept, rather than shifting topics, it allows for more exploration in depth. Whereas his previous books were cerebral, The 50th Law is more intuitive. The knowledge comes from survival stories, not the library stacks.

The topic of The 50th Law is fearlessness. Fear is a topic that is usually ignored, but when it is addressed it is approached by focusing on fear itself. This approach can be ineffective as it does little more than encourage the reader to focus on how much there is to fear. Ralph Waldo Emerson in Self-Reliance stated: "Let a Stoic open the resources of man and tell men they are not leaning willows, but can and must detach themselves; that with the exercise of self-trust, new powers shall appear." The 50th Law provides the tools for achieving self-reliance by becoming fearless. The goal of this book is to encourage readers to learn to take control of their own lives. The task is accomplished, not by ignoring fear, but rather by learning to make it work for you.

50 Cent and Robert Greene present us with the first book of the 21st century to effectively analyze this new breed of fearless entrepreneur, one who traverses the gap between traditional business and the street. The line between the two has been blurred in recent years with the success of artists such as 50 Cent. The artist is yet another example of a rapper who has become successful in the music industry in part due to the skills that he learned as a street hustler. While it might seem that without the benefit of a "traditional" business background, this new brand of entrepreneur would be at a disadvantage, one cannot overlook the principles that made them successful. 50 Cent's focus, persistence, creativity and fearlessness catapulted him into the entertainment industry and beyond. Despite initially being blacklisted in the music industry, 50 Cent established himself as a multi-platinum selling performer and a new model for aspiring entrepreneurs. Lucrative deals such as his payday from Coca-Cola who acquired ownership of Glacéau (from which 50 Cent earned an estimated $50-$100 million for his minority stake) have only added to his reputation for business acumen.

Divided into ten chapters, The 50th Law gives a clear introduction to fearlessness and then works methodically through various aspects that equip the reader to embrace it. Once the external fears in the environment are discussed it becomes more personal and brings the reader closer to the final chapter which examines the ultimate fear, death. A powerful part of this book includes the real life examples from 50 Cent's past, including the business obstacles and the danger of deadly violence. 50 Cent is able to share the clarity that he acquired by facing his own mortality and how it became clear to him that the best way to conquer fear is not to avoid it, but to push right into it and move past it. Through is the only way out.

The 50th Law reminds the reader how fear limits our options in life. If we are shackled by fear it will bind us to something less than what is possible. By living in fear, we become hardened to life, and are unable to adapt to one of life's few constants, change. A key part of change is action. Those who embrace change are proactive, while those who resist change are reactive. 50 Cent is a prime example of the power of being proactive in one's life. The final chapter discusses death as something we need not view as being distant, unknown or abstract. Rather, the fragility of life is a concept to be aware of each moment. The 50th Law teaches us that as life is ticking away we must embrace it and fearlessly give our all. We never know when we will greet our final form of change, death.

In my opinion, there are two main books with which The 50th Law shares common themes; the first book is Think and Grow Rich and the second is The Book of Five Rings. The 50th Law shares a philosophy with each of these books that the current authors have brought into the 21st century.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a study of those who became exceedingly wealthy and successful in late 19th century and early 20th century America. Both Hill's book and The 50th Law offer readers a blueprint for success. Each addresses the desire for a goal, having a clearly defined vision of how to achieve that goal, as well as how to anticipate and overcome obstacles along the way. The key aspect which The 50th Law and Think and Grow Rich have in common is that they both are primers on effectively overcoming fear to achieve results. As the two books share similarities, I can easily suggest that an alternate title for The 50th Law could be "Act and Grow Fearless". In a humorous coincidence, chapter one of Hill's book contains a story entitled "A Fifty-Cent Lesson in Persistence"; how fitting, Mr. Hill.

The Book of Five Rings comes not from the traditional business arena but from the business end of a weapon. Miyamoto Musashi was a 17th century Japanese swordsman whose text encapsulates his philosophy of life, death and the warrior's way. Musashi details the mindset he possessed while facing death in his many battles. His control over his emotions and his focused dedication to his craft are what led to his victory against many other skilled adversaries. In essence, the battle was won before it began. He did not wait to win his battles; they were won in training, paid for with long hours of bloody knuckles, sweat, and tears. 50 Cent's approach mirrors Musashi's mindset and dedication to success. One conclusion that can be drawn from both authors is that life is war. The man facing down a blade and the man facing a new business deal are both fighting for their lives. By understanding that fear must not control our decisions, we will attain the mindset that we must strive for as students of The 50th Law. As Musashi would tell us, "You should investigate this thoroughly."

An issue that is important within all three of these books is that change is never easy. There is a price to pay for a worthy goal and a price to pay for inaction, indecision, and fear. If one wants to change his or her situation, a sacrifice must be placed on the altar of life. These sacrifices may be time, money, or the blood and sweat of hard work. Never is anything free, and whether by the pain of change or the pain of regret, the pain of life will be paid. There is an admiration for the masters of certain realms; be it sports, business, art, science, or war, these masters have paid the price of admission for greatness in their field. There are no shortcuts.

The 50th Law flows well from one chapter to the next. There are some stories from 50 Cent's life that are used as examples which are referred to several times for emphasis. However I did not find this to be as repetitive as some who have stated their criticism of it. I consider the content and writing style of this book worthy of a five-star rating. My only complaints would be the lack of a table of contents and the omission of an index. Nevertheless, 50 Cent and Robert Greene have accomplished a difficult feat in the task of collaboration, producing a work that maintains the style of both parties without sacrificing the quality or integrity of either author. However one may label it, The 50th Law is a significant work and a worthy follow-up to Greene's previous efforts.

The Hustlers Bible

Anna Saulewicz @ 2009-12-02

Being a fan of Robert Greene (I often consult his works for advice), I was delighted to get my hands on his fourth book. It looks quite unusual, with is leather-look cover and gold pages one could mistake it for the Bible. This is Roberts first collaboration and a surprising one at that, with rap-mogul 50 Cent. 50 embodies the rags-to-riches myth, and with such an unusual life, he has - a lot - of stories to share. In addition to historical examples, Robert uses a living person as his main inspiration, and this makes the book feel more modern and alive. 50's experience, coupled with Roberts razor-sharp analytical insight result in this `Hustlers Bible'.

The good stuff starts with the introduction, where the 50th Law is revealed on p.18: "The greatest fear people have is that of being themselves". This is no an empty proverb, the book very clearly explains its meaning. The main theme of the book is fearlessness. Robert and 50 mapped out ten common types of fears and the power one can obtain by overcoming them.

Chapter 1 - Intense Realism x Fear of the ugly truth
Chapter 2 - Self-Reliance x Fear of being alone
Chapter 3 - Opportunism x Fear of threatening events
Chapter 4 - Calculated Momentum x Fear of change
Chapter 5 - Aggression x Fear of confrontation
Chapter 6 - Authority x Fear of responsibility
Chapter 7 - Connection x Fear of people who are different
Chapter 8 - Mastery x Fear of boredom, fear of practice
Chapter 9 - Self-Belief x Fear of failure
Chapter 10 - the Sublime x Fear of death

The chapters are structured in the following way:
1) presentation of a problem/fear, illustrated with examples from 50's life (and historical examples),
2) the fearless approach - describes how to overcome this fear, the principles, in general terms,
3) keys to fearlessness - offers practical strategies for mastering these principles (here's where the work is at)

The idea is to apply the strategies (described under `keys to fearlessness') to your own life.
The book itself is a very entertaining read, but to reap its benefits you'll have to re-read it, seek out connections in your own life, and act accordingly. Forget the 'easy fix', as written in Ch. 8: "The real secret for power in this world lies in accepting the ugly reality that learning demands patience,..."

One topic that has resonated with me personally, is the "trap of the middle class": having a stable job, without real satisfaction with your life and career, but without an urgent reason to change your job into something more exciting, or to live life into a more fulfilling way. It's a wake-up call.

The book feels like there has been great care put into it (in contrast to many self-help titles that offer empty wisdom). If you're willing to put in the effort, "The 50th Law" will help you to move on to a freer and more satisfying life.

Lots of sizzle, not much steak

Zardoz @ 2009-09-16

I enjoyed "The Art of Seduction" and "the 48 laws of power". Both were entertaining historical reads, though not specifically useful to contempory life as so many have touted them.

I had expectations that the 50th Law would be on the same level in terms of writing. While 50's story is compelling the basics of his life are told over and over in this very thin, but overly priced little book.

50 was a crack dealer. He became a rapper. He gets shot. His deal with Columbia falls through. He markets himself and becomes a star.
This basic timeline is repeated numerous times through out the book. The rest of the book is filled with tales of great movers and shakers of the past and how they overcame fear and became great.

The book really is not about 50 Cent and the inner workings of his mind.We get very little insight into the mind of 50 Cent.If he had allowed us a deeper glimpse that might have been more interesting. The hype around this book was that this was going to be a honest, hard look at the real 50 and his journey to the top. In this respect the book seems highly censored to me.

This book is primarily about fear and what others have done to move past it to accomplish a goal. The problem is Greene's inability to actually assist the reader in moving past their fears to seize real world power. As horrible as 50's upbringing was, his choices were few and extremely clear. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain.Becoming fearless in that environment is simple if not easy.

Most of us have more options, more to be indecisive about. Sorting thru the miasma of middle and upper class existence is much harder in terms of what choices to make, and exactly how to become fearless.You can lose your place in the social pecking order by acting too bold, too aggressive. As you rise in this life the lines become more subdued, the path more shadowy.For people genuinely wanting to rid themselves of real fear, hesitation, cautiousness, shyness, some sessions with an NLP practioner will actually yeild a result, rather than trying emulate Napoleon.

I suppose however this book was Greene's attempt to find a new audience for his writing. This book was most likely written for pampered young,white males who make up most of hip hop's paying customers. This book will give them the chance to identify with a tough street hardened black man who really paid his dues to become something they will never be; a genuine participant and victor in the rigors of crime and celebrity.They can pretend by being a self centered manipulator, they are the real deal. They are not. However this book will validate their pompous narcissism. And that is worth the high price for this slim book, I suppose.

The motif of the book's cover was made to look like a bible. Sorry boys, but Neil Strauss did a much better job of doing the same thing in his 2005 "The Game". And a much better read by the way.

The book is still a mildly entertaining read.Thats why it didnt get one star. Buy it used in a year when it is selling for $3.95 or borrow it from a friend.

The 50th Law is a Must-Read for Youth

Emily Dale ""gra @ 2010-02-08

This is a great little book that shows how one very disadvantaged young man overcame fear and turned his back on a potentially brief life of drug pushing to become a successful rapper and music business entrepreneur.

As an 84 year-old great-grandmother who picked the book at my local public library, I found it inspirational in understanding how to reach youth who do drugs to be "one of the guys". I ordered copies for three grandsons, two of whom have had drug problems and the other, alcohol. In this they can see how they have caved in to fear of not belonging, and how, by becoming fearless, they can achieve success in the world.

A Dose of Reality and Common Sense

Jade Blackmore @ 2009-11-30

Rapper 50 Cent's life as a hustler (aka drug dealer) in Queens and subsequent rise to fame as a rapper and entrepreneur served as the inspiration and the framework for the book "The 50th Law." So what is The 50th Law? The back cover of the book bears the imprint "Nihil timendum est.", Latin for "fear nothing" and that's the gist of The 50th Law's message. Fiddy, a fan of social science writer Robert Greene's 1998 book,"The 48 Laws of Power," approached Greene to work on a possible project. The result was the "The 50th Law," a street-smart primer on power and self improvement.

Greene's prose and research hinges on historical and psychological underpinnings interspersed with tales of Fiddy's life on the streets. Napoleon, explorer Andrew Selkirk, and the philosopher Seneca have a lot more in common with a rapper like 50 Cent (and other successful modern people who've overcome adversity) than you might think.

Touchy-feely self-help books and the "everyone's a winner" mumbo jumbo favored by women's TV talk shows and California psychic/chakra types may make people feel good temporarily, but they don't spur the complacent into action. Robert Greene's rational, proactive approach in this book, as in his previous works,"The 33 Strategies of War" and "The 48 Laws of Power" will do just that. I discovered Greene's work after reading a list of "The 48 Laws of Power" on some random website. I noticed that I had unwittingly followed some of those laws during several happy and productive times in my life. So there is something relatable about Greene's writing for people from all walks of life.

"The 50th Law" distills the doctrine from Greene's other books, including the brilliant "The Art of Seduction." While "The Art of Seduction" brimmed with examples (and quotes) from the lives of European courtesans and philosophers, "The 50th Law" quotes Malcolm X, James Baldwin, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The fact that 50 Cent is a co-author might scare away middle of the road types looking for some life coaching, but that would be a mistake. There's a lot of good advice here. Whether you seek fame or fortune or just want to live life on your own terms, "The 50th Law" will shake you into repositioning yourself for success. The book isn't sugarcoated or simplistic, but it's not Machiavellian, either. I know many people use that term to describe Greene's work, but I don't agree. "The 50th Law" is a dose of reality, assertiveness and common sense.

A Must Read For All...

D. A. @ 2009-12-02

After re-reading of The 50th Law, I have a couple thoughts I'd like to share.

First, this is a book that is directly applicable to everyone, regardless of where you're from, where you are at now in your life, etc. Fear (the topic of The 50th Law), is something we all struggle with daily. The book does a great job in its ten chapters of describing the different types of fear we encounter in our everyday lives. However, the book goes beyond that. Instead of stopping at only the philosophy of overcoming your fears, The 50th Law gives no-nonsense ways you can incorporate the philosophy into your life. Many books are "theory" only, however, Greene adds in "application," which is vital. (The chapter on self-reliance is fantastic.)

Next, I've read some criticism that the book doesn't delve deeper into 50 Cent's life. The book is this way for good reason: the focus of the book is on fear, not 50 Cent. Writing a book utilizing 50 Cent's history while keeping the focus on fear is a delicate balancing act. Too much about 50 Cent and the book becomes about him, not about the mindset/philosophy that he embodies.

I've read further criticism that this book isn't like Greene's other works. That's a good thing. Ultimately, the fearlessness in The 50th Law is beyond the tactics/strategy/what-not of Greene's other titles. The latter comes from the former. Finally, if The 50th Law would have been full of historical examples, it would have been unnecessarily long. The pacing and length of the book is perfect: long enough to fully cover the topic, but short enough that it doesn't drag on and is re-readable.

Again, this is a terrific book that is infinitely applicable to people of all walks of life.

The art of fearing nothing

Martin Gaffney @ 2009-12-03

FEAR. How do you describe fear? or even the feeling? Does fear in your life stop you from being successful today? The 50th law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene gives us a better understanding why humans fear and what we can do to turn our fear in to a positive.

The book begins with a theory on fear. Fear has matured within the rules of society where fear became anxiety, embarrassment, worry, etc. These smaller versions of fear has stop us even temporarily from completing our goals, confronting people or a situation, or ignoring the problem and going into a safety net. In my opinion, this was a great way to start the book. The theory of this natural human nature is something everyone can relate to. When I introduce my friends to the 50th law, I tell them to pay close attention to the introduction because it's really the basis of the book.

Throughout the chapters in the 50th law, 50 Cent is basically the "theme" of the book as far as the lessons. Many of the lessons in the book were lessons 50 Cent learned throughout his hustler days. 50 Cent's stories are very entertaining and inspirational as far as a person who lived in a world where there was much to fear. Robert Greene would relate that with examples and quotes from history, and then presents a section in the book in each chapter called "the fearless approach," and the "keys to fearlessness." This is basically the advice part of each chapter that relates to whatever situation of fear you are in. The setup of each chapter is simply amazing. I love how the chapters start with a quote or brief description related to the chapter; It gives you an idea of what your about to read.

Each chapter takes you on a ride through a lesson 50 Cent has learned which is simply crazy what he has gone through. Then, Robert Greene relates the theme of the chapter with a story from the realms of history ( I wish my history class taught me history lessons like this!) and the best part is how to use this lesson to conquer any type of fear you run into.

My personal favorite chapter is know when to be bad- aggression because i've personally been a victim of bullying and reading that chapter really gave me a new kind of perspective; a new way to see myself with room to grow as a confident person and to face people who try to step on me. This chapter really hit home for me. " The way I learned it, the kid in the school yard who doesn't want to fight always leaves with a black eye. If you indicate you'll do anything to avoid trouble, that's when you get trouble."- 50 Cent. I was the kid with a black eye.

In conclusion, This gorgeous hardback, golden paged book is really the holy grail of understanding and overcoming your fear. It's very easy to read and even easier to relate to, since again, fear is part of our human nature we can all relate to. I constantly recommend this book all my friends who also have enjoyed this book. I am getting Nihil Timendum Est and the sword as a tattoo.

Fear Nothing: The 50th Law is Fearless

A. Collett @ 2009-12-02

As I read the opening chapter "The Fearful Attitude" I became angry at myself at how far I had strayed from the childhood version of me. The one who was not afraid of anything. The one who lived in the moment and let the proverbial chips fall where they may. This book opened my eyes to the fact that most people believe life makes us wiser as we age, but perhaps we are confusing wisdom with fear. In one of 50 Cent's quotes, which is now etched into my memory he explains that "the greatest fear that most people have is that of being themselves". I believe that to some extent we are all living that fear and that it is a principle impediment to our own personal power. The authors explain so eloquently that the one thing that makes us different and unique is the very thing we have come to fear and run from ....our individuality.

I couldn't help but feel that I knew this concept of fearlessness a very long time ago, but it had been slowly and arbitrarily weeded from mind through years of conformity to the opinions of others. It was almost as though i was being woken up from a very long sleep as I read. The person that was waking me up was reading me quotes from Malcolm X and Emerson. This book will serve as a wake up call to anyone who is tired of the puppet play on stage and desires to pull back the curtains and see who and what are pulling the stings.

As always Robert Greene dishes a cold plate of reality as only he can. Greene is the master of perspective. His way of seeing life as a game to be played is nothing short of genius. The ideas and concepts that he offers the reader will not seem foreign or new but will feel more like truths we are all innately born with,but have some how been stripped from us as we go through life. Robert Greene and 50 Cent give the back in words what we have all lost and struggle to articulate. This is the magic of reading this book. Greene is the only author I have ever read who leaves everything that we should say and think at the door and lets inside the reality of what is really going on in life and does it so eloquently.

This book is not for those who hold onto illusions but rather for those who seek what is real.As 50 Cent is quoted in the book... " Reality is my drug.The more I have of it, the more power I get and the higher I feel"
Words to live by.

This book is a masterpiece.

William J. Valente " @ 2010-03-10

Having read and loved Greene's previous books I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that this turns out to be his "best" work, in my opinion. For those who are familiar with his material he does the same analysis with references to historical examples, but with the added spice of that the book is about superstar "50 cent" living in the "hood". It is fascinating to get this inside view and Robert Greene does not fail to present a world that is highly dangerous, but full of potential.
The way he incorporates the essence of these laws in better than anything I have ever seen in a writer. His style is very distinctive and he does a good job providing valuable insights into the human condition and how we can apply timeless laws to defeat our deficiencies. I love this book and I think it can apply to all who are open minded, strategic in their thinking, and want that extra edge. The information is neutral. What you do with it that is of your choosing. Choose wise.

At The Blink of An Eye..

John Hinds "John A H @ 2009-09-21

..Your life will be over. Will you look back on it with no regrets or will you be like the overwhelming majority of people
who will say 'What If?'

50 Cent and Robert Greene have done a masterfel job in providing instructions on how to live life successfully..and with no
regrets. The majority of people let fear dictate how they make decisions. They let fear keep them in jobs, relationships. and situations that no longer serve them. They let fear stifle their growth. 50 Cent beautifully illustrates that once you overcome the fear of death, there is NOTHING else to fear. You live life with a greater confidence in your God-given talents. You make the most of everyday. You pursue your passions to the point that it's no longer 'work' in a traditional sense but a labor of love. You are willing to practice regularly to master your craft.

In addition, the authors talk about the importance of being fluid, unconventional and challenging industry norms in a strategic way. For example, most businesses in an industry all market the same way. Instead of following the herd, why not study what's successful in other industries and apply it to your own? That's how breakthroughs happen! You have to be able to adapt to the changing marketplace quickly so you can profit from it.

50 cent also talks about thinking long-term and looking into the future and not just being focused on today. Most people are so caught up in their life situations or 'problems' that they fail to use their mind's eye to see 'the battlefield' or the bigger picture.

I love that 50 talked about becoming more self-reliant. That's a hard thing to do if you're always relying on a company to provide you with a regular paycheck or for job security. To me, it's almost like living at home with your parents as a grown adult with no plans of moving out anytime soon. He also talks about being careful to not be so seduced by technology. By all means, leverage technology to the fullest and maintain a sharp mind in the process. Unfortunately, technology has a way of 'dumbing down' people..if you let it.

So I recommend you read the book, apply the instructions and take ownership of your life...before it's too late. 50 cent had to take ownership of his life at an early age given his dire circumstances. Why not be proactive and CHOOSE to take ownership of your life now?

John Hinds
Author of "What's In Your Water?" available on amazon

Great book!

Kyle Newell @ 2011-03-28

The 50th Law is a must for anyone that considers themselves to have a hustler's mindset. Any entrepreneur will benefit from this book. It is very entertaining and inpsirational. 50 is a modern day cowboy and too many people will be quick to write this book off since he is a rapper. Anyone that has reached the level of success that 50 has is obviously unique and someone to learn from. I highly recommend this book, give it a shot, you won't be disappointed!

1 of 50's best collabo's!!!

Hector @ 2010-07-12

I've recently started a part time business venture. Not really putting my all into it because of fear and lame excuses. This book puts into perspective the reality of my personal situation, to which I think most people can relate to. Hate my JOB and found something I am passionate about and have an opportunity to make my goals come true, but there is risk involved (of course). It's gonna take hard work and some faith in myself but after reading this book and realizing I have very few obstacles in my way except my own fear:) I am going to pursue my passion full time, quit my JOB , and move forward without fear and with this book at my side. It gives great insight into the challenges of some great historical figures as well as 50's personal trials and tribulations. You don't need to grow up in south side Jamaica queens to muster what it takes to accomplish great things. YOU just need to lose the fear and embrace life for what it is... a short time on this rock. Embrace death as it is inevitable and bide your time on earth wisely. Great book I'm recommending it to all my friends and colleagues.

50th law is life

M. Dennis "quality b @ 2010-03-01

I purchased this about a week ago and I find this book a very good read for everyday life. It hits on all notes especially if you are in business and dealing with people. I got the first book which is all you need but I did not finish that book. This was easier because it is straight to the point and so it was like fresh air for me. Any how I recommend this to anyone who needs the run down on reality like myself.


Ayodele Cuffy "Ayosu @ 2010-02-07

The amazingly, clever and street hustler combining knowledgeable forces with one of the greatest writers of time, to create a book that is nothing less than POWER. Discovering the tactics and strategies developed by 50 cent and see how he applies it to the music industry shows how smart a person must be in this ever changing economic world.

With Robert Greene applying his knowledge to complete the master piece that is the "50th law" I have come to realize that this book expels greatness and power with ever letter, with every word and with every sentence.

This was a great buy, I'm glad it wasn't expensive and the design of the book with really amazing. As the book resembles a Bible with its leather covering and gold edged pages. Right now I'm entering Chapter 8 and simply intrigued with every chapter.

50 Cent and Robert Greene create a brilliant work

Timothy C. Marinone @ 2010-01-30

Having looked at many historical figures throughout his three books, Greene now looks to a contemporary, 50 Cent and sees a life with many evident concepts. Talking about the life of a hustler, one who rises above his/her circumstances to succeed by thriving on challenges, Greene shows 50 Cent as someone who used his early life on the street to successfully rise to become one of the best selling rap artists. For a fan of 50 Cent, Robert Greene, or anyone who has ever felt like their back was against a wall, this book is an excellent read.

This is not a strategy book. This is a self-help book

Jose A. Rodriguez @ 2009-09-25

I've read most of the already existing reviews. I think that there are some valid concerns. I also think that some people have this book wrong, which is why I think some of the reviews are overly low/negative.

I will be honest. I COULDN'T WAIT TO BUY THIS! In case that you don't get it, I really wanted this book. Initially, I was disappointed by it. I was expecting 48 LoP or 39 SoW. Since I was expecting a book following these models, I was disappointed. HOWEVER, as I read this book, I came to realize that this didn't have to do with strategy but about self-help.

I own a few "self-help" books. I own the original and the modernized versions of "Think & Grow Rich" as well as Keith Ferrazzi's book "Never Eat Alone." What I don't like about more traditional self-help books like T&GR is that you have to read the whole damned book to get the "secret" and the book is purposefully written to be vague to accomplish this purpose.

This book was anything but that. It was very accessible. There isn't one "secret" but quite a few. I couldn't stop reading it and I imagine that I'll reread it again. If you go into it understanding that this is a self-help book and not a strategy one like Greene's previous works, then you won't be disappointed.

For those people that called this uneven because of the writing style, they do have a point. I noticed some editing mistakes. In addition, I think that Greene's style was a little "dumbed down." The thing that we need to keep in mind is that this is a different kind of book. Having said this, I would definitely recommend this book. No, there isn't a 49th law (I get this question a lot) and the packaging is rather cheesey. HOWEVER, this is still a good book. I feel that in time, many people will come to see this.


A. Radicevic @ 2009-12-28

Let me tell you, I have bought the book and read it three times. First time, as you would, from the first to the last page. And then I read it in reverse, from the last chapter to the first, and then beck again. However there is one sentence that was stuck in my mind, and I am not going to tell you from what page, you will have to read the book. It goes like this (I am paraphrasing) `strategy is the bridge between an idea and realisation'. My first job, as a graduate engineer, was with the construction company building bridges. What an amazing structures they are, connecting two sides and what was once two separate entities it became one. When you look at the bridge you can see the deck (that is the part that you walk or drive on) and columns and abutments (parts that provide support). Now look at that sentence about strategy again. The deck and the columns and the abutments are strategies that you can read in Mr Greene's 48 Lows of Power and 36 Strategies of War. However there is one hidden bit. Foundations, parts of the structure that allows everything above the ground to stand and work as it is intended to. That is where 50th Law comes in to play. If you want your bridge to stand strong and elegant you must have strong foundation. If you want your strategies to be strong and elegant you must defeat your fears. Get the book and read it, you won't be sorry.

Nothing to fear but Fear itself

Samuel O. @ 2009-12-02

I read and reread 'The Hustler's Eye' in the first chapter of this inspiring book about four times because i understood this would set the tone for understanding and living all the other principles of adopting fearlessness described in the book. On finishing the chapter, I am reminded of Sun-Tzu's quote, "Know thy enemy. know thyself and a thousand battles you will win." The key principles gleaned from this chapter that will help you in practicing the rest of the book are:

I. Develop an acutely intense realism of your environment and who you are.

II. Accomplishing any worthwhile feat requires laser-like focus and putting yourself on 'death ground' - a scenario where making it is your only option.

III. When you experience downturns or victories, hunker down and go back to Step I.

That in itself is easier said than done, with most minds easily swayed in the heat of emotion. The ugly truth is most of us are asleep and we don't even know it. This book will help me (or you) get out of that pit we have mind-numbingly fallen into. i have found that meditation draws me closer to this state of realism, helping me develop the levelheadedness and focus necessary to reach one's goals.

It is moving from here then that one can progress towards being more self-reliant, having an eye for seizing the right opportunities, gaining authority and expanding your self-worth. The next most profound aspect of the book is how accepting your mortality can bring you fearlessness and help you overcome The Last Fear. i like to think you can make this work for you by creating as visceral of a feeling as possible. One way (which I stole) is my '52 Marbles' method. Go to the toy store and get some marbles. Fill a transparent container on your office table with them (52 in no.) and as every fleeting week passes by, remove one from the lot and throw it away permanently. What do you think about that?

As for the naysayers who dub this title a dumbed-down version of Greene's earlier works, i marvel at their apparent narrow-mindedness. Often what we perceive as simplicity is easy to ignore, but understand that applying learned fearlessness gives your moves and strategies a whole new appeal - fluidity, a keener sense of timing, a qualitative leap in mindset and gaining control over yourself and others all translating into...
If you think this is a self-help book, stop thinking. Your prejudices will block you from gaining from the practical insights within. So what if it is? I advise you pick up 3 copies - one for your children and another for their children. As for me, I believe this book will help me in achieving my life's goal, so that as I look back in the future, I can say "Reading and applying the 50th Law was one of the most profound experiences of my life."

Life is the game...

J. Walsh "warrior in @ 2009-12-01

I have been following Robert Greene with his previous books, and I have also been following and am a fan of 50 cent. I do like 50 cents music, "except for a lot of the new stuff", but I am more a fan of him as the character that he has become. When I heard that Robert Greene and 50 Cent were comming together on a book I new that I had to have it. Once I got the book I delved right into it and read it within 7 days. Please note this book is readable in a couple of hours because of the big print and its few pages but it is better read slowly so you can think about each chapter.

The 50th Law consists of an overall theme of living life without fear, to get out of your comfort zone, and live life to its fullest. It's lessons elaborate on how fear limits many of your everyday decsions. 50 cent has many of his life experiences that he shares to give an example of each lesson. If you want to read more about 50 then I would suggest his autobigoraphy "From Pieces to Weight". When you look at 50 Cent a lot of people just think that his successful life just happend to be and was easy. They may say," It must be nice", they don't see all the hard work that he put in to get to where he is. This book delves into that also, through out the lessons the hard truth is told, being successful is hard work and takes focus. There is no simple way to become successful! Life is a game and can be a rewarding one if you work hard to win.

What I got from the book:

Fear can limit your oportunites as well as your defenses. In life where it is best to attack the weakest point to gain ground, that weakest point can be guarded by your own fear. Once you break through that fear you can continue with that momentum to break through other fears. Once you take your first step, guard your ground with every defense you have in your arsenal. As this arsenal itself can be locked up with fear, you must work to unlock it. To be successful takes hard work. Your ability to fucus on what is real can keep you ahead of 90% of the crowd.

I liked this book and thought it was a good read. It may not be for the poeple who like the old history that Robert Greene usually writes about, but I think that this is new history. What I mean by that is 50 Cent is creating his own history and he is creating is own memorable successful character that will be remembered. He is rich now, I'm hoping he gets his strategies together to get to a Billion by the time he is 40.

Get it, read it, and get in the game. Good Luck!

The Best Business Book of the Year

A Customer @ 2009-10-26

This book is about how 50 Cent takes his experiences from the streets into the business world and conquers his fears on his terms. What is so relevant for today's business environment is that Fifty knows how to adapt to change. While other authors create a sense of fear about our changing (and flattening) world, Fifty's message is to embrace the change and the accompanying fear head on and conqer it. A must read for any serious business person who wants to survive in these changing times.
Lisa Nicholson (Houston)

50 Cent and Robert Green Colberate To Deliver An Amazing Book

alex fryling "youngf @ 2009-09-08

I have not had the chance to check out the other 3 books by Robert green but i have heard nothing but positive reviews about him as a writer. So when i heard that 50 was teaming up with him i felt it was a great decision because he had an experienced author behind working with him. Also it is neat when you read this book you will be able to tell the different backgrounds that both men came from. It is quite interesting idea and a great marketing idea as well. Anyway as for the book i have to give this book five stars. If you are a fan of 50 Cent don't expect this to be about his life story because its not. Thats not to say that they don't include parts of his life in the book but it is not a full blown autobiogrpahy about him. This book has alot of good material that no matter where you come from or what you are like you can use in your life. There are alot of good quotes in this book as well from 50 Cent, Robert Green, Malcolm X and they are used at the right points as well. This book not only has alot of good information that we can use in our life but 50 Cent points out ways he came from nothing to be successful and there are alot of good tips on that as well. The funny thing is he points out you don't have to come from nothing in fact you can be successful even if you have a middle class life as long as you put your mind to the task. The main part of the book is to fear nothing which is a great motto. 50 Cent relates it to his life by pointing out his dad left his mom, his mom was murdered when he was 8 years old and he was shot 9 times and should have been left for dead but he survived all of that. He points out he realized after that he can do anything he wants if he puts his mind to it and if it didn't work out thats ok but he wasent going to be afraid to take risks because he had already been through so much in his life already. The making of the book is also unique and if you look at pictures online or buy the book you will see what i am talking about. Overall a 5 Star book here and i would give a strong recomendation to pick up the book if you can. A great product and one that can be viewed by all types of people.

Nothing Here But Hype

Jumper @ 2010-05-19

I am a great fan of Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power, having read it multiple times and seen it's truths in the real world. I was therefore very disappointed that he has attached his name to this empty and simplistic work, which reads like a propaganda piece for the greater glory of 50 Cent.
The premise of the book is that the "realism", fearlessness, and self-reliance that 50 Cent learned in the drug culture of his youth will bring success to you in your pursuits. This is a wrong and even dangerous idea--and in fact is not realism at all. In reality the "laws" of criminal culture are completely out of touch with society (that's why it's called anti-social behavior) and even within the drug culture you're very likely to end up in jail or dead, regardless of your fearlessness, etc.
Another problem I have is that many ideas in this book contradict many of the original 48 Laws of Power. The great thing about the 48 Laws is Robert Greene's sophisticated illumination of the subtle rules of social interaction, and how certain behaviors have a psychological effect on others. There is nothing of the kind in the 50th Law. Instead we are told to cultivate "self-reliance", an over-rated concept that violates many of the 48 Laws (Law 18, Don't Isolate Yourself; Law 24, Play The Perfect Courtier; Law 43, Work on the Hears and Minds of Others). A quick look at history will show that great rulers understand power as a web of relationships. Julius Caesar was able to rise to power because of the loyalty of his army and the love of the Roman people. Bill Clinton could charm his way to the presidency because common people believed he understood their lives. This is the way power works in the real world.
Finally, there is a complete avoidance of the real reason 50 Cent achieved success, and that is he has a talent for rap music. I'm not a fan of rap, but obviously for his work to get the attention of Eminem and then sell as much as he has shows that he offers something unique and creative that people like. The reader is left to ponder whether another person of lesser talents would have achieved his success, regardless of their adopting the advice in this book.
Of course this is not to say that realism, fearlessness, and self-reliance are not qualities worth cultivating; they certainly are. But context is everything--and selling simplistic maxims based on one man's criminal past and current success in the music business is nothing more than hype.
I will give this book credit for one thing, it proves Law number 32 of the 48 Laws of Power: Play to People's Fantasies.

The 50th Law: A Book Review

Ed Ferrusquia "Ed" @ 2009-12-01

Today it's 6:30 in the morning, west coast time, and I've been back from the hospital for a little over 1 hour. My father had his rosary and was reciting Hail Marys; my inconsolable mother waited anxiously for good news from the doctors; my 36 year old uncle sat shell-shocked, no doubt wondering if this was the day he would lose his father, so soon after having lost his mother, too. I had a copy of The 50th Law in my pocket when I went into the waiting room and I sat there reading it for hours on end. I've already read this book cover to cover twice; I think it will take a while before I can internalize the very valuable lessons in this book. I could certainly use them now; particularly chapter 10...

In high school, I made an appointment to see a counselor. Sensing a profound lack of self-esteem in me, she forced me to write down a list of 5 positive things about myself. I struggled for 5 minutes thinking of a single answer. It's not that I was being modest, or even that I didn't know. I knew I had one positive trait, but it's one that I didn't want to admit. I didn't want to admit that the only good thing I had going for me was my intelligence. I didn't want to be a nerd, and all that it implied.

Fear has been my biggest obstacle ever since I can remember. For me it was the fear of failure. Not the everyday "I might fall on my face and look like a fool" fear. I'm talking complete and utter failure as a human being. Because of an inability to relate to kids my own age, I never developed the kind of social awareness that even the least popular kids seemed to possess. On the home front I was pressured into getting good grades and not even think about socializing - school was for learning, not for friends. Because of my lack of social skills growing up I just knew - as a kid - that I would somehow end up homeless and alone. I just KNEW it. As a KID. From that I developed an intense fear of growing up that only stunted my social progress further and made me suffer the lasting consequences to this day. I scored excellent grades in elementary school but by the time high school came around I hovered in the mid 2.0s. Suddenly I didn't even consider myself smart - I was a socially awkward nerd, only without the perks of being smart enough to fund a high-tech start-up that would at least make me insanely rich.

Sure enough, I developed a pattern of fatalistic thinking that still plagues me to this day. The thing about fearful and negative thinking is the way in which it reinforces itself; little did I know then that I had the power to shape my own reality all along and that I had instead been using that power to sabotage my own success. The 50th Law confronts the fear that hold us back. It is applied psychology for the fearful mind, disguised as self-help, only it never condescends or treats you with kid gloves. It has profoundly affected the way I look at my own life. I was surprised to learn the many ways in which fear manifests itself - I didn't know I could fear being bored! But when Robert Greene breaks it down, it makes perfect sense. I now know that the yellow lens of fear is and has always been the most paralyzing force in my life and sadly, in the lives of countless others. This is the book I wish I got for my high school graduation. Maybe earlier.

Don't let the fact that 50 Cent gets top billing on the cover fool you into believing that this book was written by some illiterate hoodlum with shiny teeth. You would be grossly underestimating 50 Cent, a mistake that countless others have made in the past, to their own detriment - just ask Ja Rule. If you don't know who Ja Rule is, that's exactly the point. The book uses the story of 50 Cent - née Curtis Jackson - to illustrate the lessons in each chapter of the book. They are lessons that Fiddy had to learn the hard way as a hustler on the street, the tools and tactics he used to make it out alive and rise to the top of the music industry and beyond. Just like fear manifests itself in many ways, so too does fearlessness. It manifests itself in 50's business savvy, his leadership qualities, and even his ability to stage beefs. In many ways 50 Cent is the idea of "Makaveli" taken to its logical philosophical conclusion - not the passion-driven, at times hedonistic, thug poet embodied by Tupac Shakur, but rather the shrewd, cold and calculating mastermind like the man who inspired him - Niccolo Machiavelli. If he hadn't been murdered, Tupac might have become 50 Cent. Or maybe he always was.

But this isn't really 50's book. This is a Robert Greene book all the way, from the anecdotal stories of historical figures and power players past and present such as 50 Cent, to the neat authoritative analysis of the lessons derived from each story. With the 50th Law, Greene has identified the key human characteristic on which his other books depend on for their success - the 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, and The 33 Strategies of War - and that element is fearlessness. The 50th Law is not a companion to these books; it is the spinal cord, the very essence of all his works to date. For without fearlessness, you can never really apply the laws of power, seduce the fair maiden, or confront your enemies.

This book may challenge deeply held views for many. For me it was Chapter 5, which raises questions about morality and "reaping the wages of humility". Jesus' idea of humility on Earth in exchange for inheriting the kingdom of Heaven always felt right to me, a righteous fulfillment of karma. I'm not even a religious church-goer, but I always gave Jesus credit for his un-worldly wisdom; Robert Greene's books, on the other hand, are decidedly "worldly" (Ironic how even the book is designed to look like a Bible, from the leathery cover down to the last gold-trimmed page). I've tried to mesh the two world views into a new paradigm that I could feel comfortable with, but I just can't do it. Greene's books at times promote the use of "badness" for our own ends is the antithesis of everything Jesus talked about. Greene argues that all of us - especially the moralizers - have flexible morals anyway. Jesus never said we were going to be perfect, but weren't we at least supposed to TRY? After 8 years of Bush/Cheney in the White House, certainly the last thing I want to do is embrace the kind of selfish ideals that led to the suffering of others halfway around the world. I read language like, "push people out of position to get our way" and I think, "what ever happened to 'turn the other cheek?" I read words like "taking on those who stand against your interests" and remember Condi Rice talking about "protecting our interests in Iraq"; I always knew that was code for "slaughtering civilians for oil and military contracts". But Greene preempts my bleeding heart liberal response by making examples of FDR and Abraham Lincoln; one lifted the US out of the Great Depression by crushing his political foes and the other ended slavery and maintained the Union by baiting the Southerners into a fight. I was even surprised to learn that Machiavelli, raised a Christian, went through the exact same thing! So maybe the ends can justify the means. Sometimes.

Perhaps my beliefs are based on a lack of self-esteem, but I'd hate to believe that humility and peace are nothing more than a reflection of fear. And yet, I can't deny that much of what has held me back in life has been fear. I know because I've been able to see the same qualities it in so many others ever since reading this book. I see it in my grandfather, who just suffered a heart attack brought on by years of alcohol abuse. My grandfather lived with the spectre of fear for most of his life. A deeply sensitive man raised on the streets of Mexico in dire poverty, he turned to many vices to drown the pain, not the least of which was alcohol, which have brought him no shortage of self-pity, regret, and poor health in his old age. He could have used this book more than anybody I know. Well, almost anybody; his son, my uncle, suffers from a potent lack of self-worth, no doubt caused by not having had a positive father figure he could look up to. I only wish they had learned to conquer their fears when they were coming of age. I hope I can still conquer mine.

Robert Greene + 50 Cent = The New Gospel!

James Delcamp Jr @ 2010-09-13

WOW! I'm an avid reader of personal development books and the 50th Law has CHANGED MY LIFE!

When I first found this amazing book, I was a bit skeptical to say the least. But, after reading it in the book store, I couldn't put it down. Robert Greene takes the laws and principles from the streets and combines them with his own flavor to produce a book like no other. While the 48 Laws of Power might suffice for many people, the 50th Law is for the modern day person seeking success in life.

The main things to watch for in this book:

- How to Live Fearless

- How to Turn the Worst Scenarios into the BEST Opportunities

- Lead by Example aka Practice what you Preach

Don't wait until you read every review out there, do yourself a favor and get this book. It is the answer to all you problems, I promise.

The First Robert Greene Book That I Have Enjoyed.

Carletus Willis "Car @ 2010-01-12

The 50th Law is the first Robert Greene Book that I have actually enjoyed.
I really tried to get into "The 48 Laws of Power" and "The Art of Seduction" Both seemed too distant and dated. I think Robert Greene discovered a great formula with "The 50th Law" by using a contemporary famous figure to model. The material was fresh and easy to apply to life as we are living it today, while incorporating lessons from past greats as well. Robert Greene really does his homework, most of the information in this book can be applied immediately... While reading "The 50th Law" I applied one of the tactics- "Aggression" during a business negotiation... It worked! This book is Entertaining, Informative and Practical, with ample examples of how others have used the tactics mentioned. You have to read it at least twice... I am reading it again!

Carletus Willis

Self-Development & Marketing

H. Zimmer @ 2009-12-08

For readers who like Robert Greene this might not be the usual read.
For fans of 50 cents this might not be any news (the biographical side of the book).

What makes this book special for me is the combination of both "worlds". Although this combination might be a hurdle for a lot of readers, I can only recommend the book.

Where other books advise you to make a wish and wait for the universe to deliver, the advise here is refreshingly honest. It takes a lot of hard work, thinking for yourself, willingness to challenge assumptions and pure courage to foollow your own way.

For marketeers the same holds true. Additionally, the book demonstrates what you can achieve by being close to your customers, listening to them and being willing to change. By being flexible you can reach success even without a big budget or following the "best practise".

This book has a lot to offer to everyone who wants to get ahead on a personal and professional level. It makes you think about your fears and the boundaries you set for yourself and how these might hold you back.

Read the story, have an open mind to think about it and challenge yourself. Who knows, maybe you can reach your wildest dreams, too.

Audio book 5 for me, but, maybe 1 for someone else

just do it @ 2009-12-05

Caution: I have not read or listened to any of Robert Greene's other works, so, I have nothing to compare it to(even though I have 2 of his books and hadn't gotten around to reading them).

I loved this audiobook. The hustlers eye chapter alone was worth the cost for me. I must admit this information is about how to succeed in many areas of your life, despite Robert Greene's attempt to make this a one topic piece of work on fear. Also, I would caution someone who may not be as well read as I am that this information may not be a 5 star rating. The content resonates with me,though, I have seen it in other peoples literature, but, their languaging didn't help me connect the dots.

Lastly, the last CD talks about death and how to deal with it. I give this 5 stars because in combination of all the accumulated knowledge I gathered in my life this fits right in.

Cons: Some of you may not like the fact that 50 cent is not a large topic of discussion in this audio. Also, you may feel like you need to purchase the book as well to just reinforce and follow along better.

Reality versus the printed page

Mike @ 2009-11-30

We know two things about books, especially books of this type.

First, the percentage of people who buy a book like this and actually read it, cover-to-cover, is low.

Second, the percentage among THOSE people who read the entire book and then put the ideas into sustained practice, making a profound change in their lives, is even smaller.

For many people, 2009 was a pretty rotten year. That's not to say that some people didn't prosper and make fistfuls of cash. All I'm saying is that many didn't, and the proof lies as close as the nearest newspaper, TV news broadcast, or Web article.

Doom, Gloom, and their wretched cousin...Fear...rode shotgun over most of this year. That created a market for books on fear, including Conquering Fear: Living Boldly in an Uncertain World by Harold Kushner and Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado. Now, we have this collaboration between 50 Cent and Robert Greene.

When you read the book, you'll see that there is nothing "new" here in the strict sense of the word. The ideas have all been expressed elsewhere. What makes the book unique is the way the ideas are framed, much like Greene's other books.

We know that many people choose the life of cubicle sheep because they are afraid to find their own voice and use it. As far back as "Think & Grow Rich" (1937), Napoleon Hill was encouraging his readers to make a stand, form a vision, and remove all possible avenues of retreat.

So why is there a market in 2009 for Greene and 50 Cent to publish this book? it applies to the general public...was, is, and will always be stronger than anything on the printed page. That's why authors keep printing pages, to disprove that theory.

It's all solid advice, sage wisdom, "life lessons"...I just wonder how many people will read the book and never get out of the ditch they've dug for themselves.

My guess is "most."

be fearless!

R. Watson @ 2009-10-21

this book has insipred me so much since i purchased it. It has helped me see my fears for what they really are and also transcend them. I have read many other Robert Greene books but this one was the easiest to read. People think its the bible when they see it! i love the book! Get it and become fearless!

Practical and Entertaining

Alla S. @ 2009-09-24

"The 50th Law" written by Robert Greene and rap superstar 50 Cent, is written as a practical guide for becoming fearless, interspersed with examples from 50 Cent's own life, as well as those of famous historical figures like Napoleon, Frederick Douglas, and Thomas Edison among many others. The book is broken down into ten chapters, with each one focusing on a particular idea connected to the book's theme. What I most appreciated about this book was how easy its lessons can be applied to real life. Some of the issues discussed include embracing reality, the ability to keep moving no matter what happens, utilizing aggression and confrontation without fear, as well as the importance of self-reliance, self-belief, and connection with others among other things. Equally interesting was 50 Cent's story, stretched out between the chapters and used to demonstrate Greene's points. Growing up in South Queens with his grandparents, 50 Cent participated in New York's drug industry by acting as a hustler and working the streets from a very early age. The word "fearless," as demonstrated by Greene, applied to his life like no other. Surrounded by hostile competitors, erratic buyers, violence, and the threat of going to jail, 50 Cent's daily life as a hustler was consistently dangerous. What I found most remarkable was 50 Cent's successful integration into the music industry, despite all odds being against him. Perhaps the main lesson of this book is having the right mind set and a willingness to fight despite all obstacles. 50 Cent's quotes are included throughout the book, which is gorgeously formatted with a black leather cover and gold pages. Overall, I found this book fascinating and its lessons very pertinent to everyday life. This is bound to be a good read for not only 50 Cent and Robert Greene fans, but also anyone looking for good practical advice on how to improve their lives.


J. Nelson "seekadoo" @ 2009-09-19

Just picked this book up. It is a unique read. I would have to say that this book is well worth the money. I actually enjoyed it! Thumbs up! Reading this book gave me lots of insight to what is going on in my life. Thumbs up for this wonderful book!

On par with Green's other works

Gregory Hill "think @ 2009-09-17

This is a book that delves into the hustler mentality but also provides much more than the perspective of the hustler. I enjoy Robert Greene's books, and not so much because of the manipulative aspects but because they seem to touch on what reality has to offer. Nothing is as smooth in our society as people would like it to be. Greene understands this all too well, and to collaborate with 50 Cent on a book similar to The 48th Laws of Power and The 33 Strategies of War is a great move in itself. I have read Robert Greene's books over and over, and I will probably do the same with this book. Fear nothing.

Smarter than I ever could have hoped. Amazing.

Michael A. Robson "2 @ 2011-05-25

After reading Fearless by Max Lucado, a deeply religious book about conquering fears, I was disappointed. Surely, I thought, there must be dozens of great books on Conquering Fear, based on hard evidence and life experience, not just scriptures. Then I remembered seeing 50 Cent and Robert Greene on CNBC.

Whatever is true or false about 50 Cent's reputation, he must know a thing or two about fear. And for anyone familiar with Robert Greene (48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction etc), he certainly lent a massive amount of credibility to the research side of this book. Years ago, I devoured The 48 Laws, but I had no idea what I was in for with the 50th. It's the story of how 50 Cent (née Curtis Jackson, from Queens, New York) was forced, at a very early age, to let go of his grasp on mortality, get smarter, get strategic, and maneuver his way out of a dangerous area, and a dangerous lifestyle. He wouldn't be able to do that with his everyday fears, and everyday attitudes, so he had to let them go.

Like all Robert Greene books, I'm warning you now, about 20 pages in you may feel as if the very ghost of Macchiaveli is right beside you on the couch. With each page, 50 reveals not just his business plans, but his personal plans for escaping the vicious cycle of a drug dealing huslter. He planned everything meticulously. He used his strengths to his advantage, and his weaknesses, he turned against his enemies. He became an invisible man when he needed to, a monster when he had to, and a charmer when he could.

To his surprise, as soon as he escaped the dope game, he found a newer, more plush ghetto to escape from: being an artist with a record deal. What seemed like a dream come true was actually another corner, another production line, where the bosses made all the real money. He immediately set about his plan to expand beyond music. The first lesson of fearlessness: don't be afraid of making mistakes and taking risk, be afraid of what will happen if you are dependent on others to eat, to live, to survive. Learn, so you can own. You're either doing one or the other. When you're an owner, you have the freedom, when you're an employee, you're a servant.

But how? How is it possible to be so much craftier than those around us, those that would stop us, hurt us, steal from us, or worse? No one is perfect, we all have advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weakness. The trick is to turn your weaknesses into strengths; morph into something else, shift your strategy such that your weaknesses disappear, all the wall focusing on your opponents weakness and driving a stake through them. Whether you're a man, a woman, a company, or a country, this mode of strategic thinking can transform you: if people say you're small you can be agile and fast, if people think you're too inexperienced, you can create a name for yourself, with no legacy to slow you down. Your greatest fear is not your enemies, but your mind going soft and your perceptions dated.

Fear plays another interesting role in the eyes of the Enlightened: it turns out that our peak potential and charm is when we're playing with chance. Improvise, and let the excitement fill you. When we overanalyze, and sterilize the world around us, we're disconnected from the moment, fractured, dulled. To live a life without pain or death would be an utter bore, we should be thankful; it's the stimulation of risk that makes life enjoyable. Turning the ultimate weakness-mortality-into our most treasured jewel. Whether it's getting a beautiful woman's phone number, skydiving, or starting your own business, its the risk, its the tantilizing edge that we walk, that seems to add color and life to everything we do-the difference between life and death.

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Good but repetitive...

SC @ 2011-05-19

This book started off very strong but then around the 7th chapter it started getting very repetitive and even recalling the same exact stories from 50's life while mixing in historical stories and "examples" that made me lose track. Overall it is decent and a good read, just nothing overly amazing about it.

Just simply amazing

TeamSunday @ 2011-05-18

I am twenty three years young, this book not only gave me a new way to look at life as we see it, but also gave me the confidence that had been missing in me my entire life. Coming from a trouble past myself this books was easy to relate to & gave me a new way to tackle everyday & long term problems. I have really got my life on a better track sense this book & have been recommending it to all my friends & family.

Very good book

Steven Johnston @ 2011-03-03

Robert Greene hits the mark with this book! It appeals as much to the rational side as it does to the emotional one. Worth reading!


Rony C. @ 2011-02-15

I had such a great experience for being the first time I am buying something online, I am a college student and I am satisfied with the product. I was expecting worse but in the contrary I got a really good book. Definitely buying here again.

Must Read

Raf @ 2011-02-12

Short book, however, very well done. Essentially a Robert Greene book, with a 50 Cent theme.

Very much worth a read.

real life self help

goodkarma @ 2010-11-28

This book covers a wide variety of aspects. What really helped me was his advice that sometimes you must be aggressive as a lion, as cunning as a fox, have the vision of a hawk and be as fluid as water. His chapter on being "bad" really stood out. Must read for anyone in self help.

Disgusted with Robert Greene

l. candry @ 2011-05-07

I've enjoyed all of Robert Greene's works so far. This one sucks. It resembles a bible, with gold-edged pages and a flexible pleather cover. It's much shorter than his other books, which were about kings, generals, politicians, etc. who shaped history. This book is about a rapper. I understand the 48 Laws has become popular among the prison crowd. Mr. Greene must see a market for his writing in this low-life, criminal, street garbage. He doesn't burden them with too much history or culture in this one. What a huge disappointment.

great addition

925 @ 2011-01-26

after reading robert greene's 48 laws of power i was in awe. not since the prince by macchiaveli has someone captured the intricate details of the rise and the maintenance of power. this follow up book was much the same but from a different aspect. i had just finished reading another book prior to this one and it oddly enough tied into this one. fearlessness is an amazing trait and the application of it in the rise to power and also the use of it to produce staying power have been capturd in great detail in this book. i read this book in three days and im not much of a reader! i encourage anyone to read this book especially those who tend to be people pleasers or shy. this book changes your perception on the world around you much like the 48 laws did. great read!

Don't Judge This Book by it Author

Scott A. Fain @ 2010-05-04

When my friend told me that he was reading a book by 50 Cent, I'll admit to being skeptical. I was not a 50 Cent fan. I wouldn't go as far as saying I didn't like any of his music, but I haven't really been into the whole hip hop scene for years. But when he told me about the theme of this book, fearlessness, and how it was presented, I decided to take a chance.

I'm so glad I did. When I had finished reading The 50th Law, it helped me better organize my thoughts and feelings on the direction of my life and my business. Its about living your life without fear, and making choices that keep your mind sharp and focused while you work your plans.

I even started enjoying 50 Cent's music a little more, having seen behind the curtain a bit. So I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to learn how to live their life without fear....

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Changed my life!

Nelson L. Johnson "t @ 2010-04-22

This book has some very good advice to get you away from working for the boss, and helps you to focus your efforts on "working your corner" on your own terms instead of being afraid to leave the "corporation." I have never looked back!

Intensely Helpful - The 50th Law!!!

David Burden @ 2010-01-12

The 50th Law

Who would have ever thought that a rap star would produce a book that speaks to managing fear and insecurity as well as growing your life beyond your self-imposed shackles. But, he did.

Living with an unstable economy, high unemployment have created an environment where fear and insecurity and anxiety can take hold of even the strongest of us. 50 uses his past - and very desperate- experiences to offer a new framework from which the reader can develop an action plan to take control of their lives. From being raised by his drug dealer mom, to taking care of himself after her murder, to nearly losing his life, he does an excellent job of reframing issues we all deal with: fear, lack of focus and direction, to more behavioral challenges that at one time or another befall us all.

50's book is a must read for anyone struggling to start a new venture, trying to reinvent themselves or simply jumpstart a stifled life. Told in colorful detail, organized efficiently in what feels like a combination of self-help and business leadership, this book will help you develop an action for your life. Organized and presented in a format that makes the book part novel and part "how to" manual. The author speaks to personal and development from the perspective of 50's background and lessons learned, but also provides an historical perspective on past leaders (both good and bad). This book looks important black leather with gold edges - and inside the pages don`t disappoint.

A great book from an incredibly resilient businessman.

the 50th law reviewed by someone who used to not care about 50 cent

Robert Markoski @ 2009-11-26

When I first read that Robert Greene would be working with 50 Cent, I immediately thought, of all people why 50 Cent? This stems from a huge subjective view of 50 Cent, mostly from what I gathered on MTV and other pop social media. Immediately I assumed he was a product that some marketing team dreamed up, an imitation of the hip-hop legends of old. 50 Cent has, as with any good public figure, a cult-like following of devotees and haters, people who would praise him no matter what, or lambast him on any thing he created. Whether you are one or the other, or completely indifferent, one thing you can't help but do is respect him by the time you finish this book.

The book serves as an autobiography of 50 Cent which is structured in a similar format to Robert Green's other books. It is what 48laws would have been, had Greene had the chance to collaborate with Napoleon or Machiavelli. The key difference being, Greene this time had direct access to the life of the individual playing the game.

The 50th Law, which is the books namesake, and the `law' analysed and deconstructed throughout the book, is based on a very Stoic/Buddhist philosophy, where nothing happens which is inherently good or bad, things happen and it's the persons reactions to these events which give people true power. Not a new philosophy by any means, but one that has become less accepted with every generation, causing a situation, as the book describes, where everything is taken personally and a subjective, narrow view of any situation is often taken.

50 Cent, without any formal philosophical education came to understand this idea himself. On the streets, he was forced to adapt and witness situations, many of us cannot fathom. Unlike many (read most), he developed the ability to remain objective, whatever the situation, and have the mindset to take the positive out of these situations.

As examples of this, the book calls up many black American icons as sources of inspiration and validation, people who stem from all walks of life, the likes of Miles Davis, Malcolm X and James Baldwin all have a say, and their own stories of hardship and persistence to interpret any situation as an opportunity are other examples of the 50th Law at work.

At its core however, the 50th Law addresses the fundamental issue, that the author's belief is the reason people lack drive, ambition and ability to succeed, is fear. Fear serves as a convenient escape for people to "not do", and the book attacks this concept via many trajectories. The book is littered with "Keys to Fearlessness" by various great thinkers throughout history, a literary method favoured by Robert Greene as well many comments by 50 Cent himself under the heading "The Fearless Approach". These are the gems, Greene alum's will fervently underline and memorize, which encapsulate the major concepts throughout the book.

The book makes several references to the current social construct, specifically our impatience, laziness and our tendency to take everything personally as mentioned earlier. This is a sense of social critique that is prevalent throughout the book, a way for the authors to vent their frustration at a society that wants it all but doesn't want to work for it. This probably stems from the constant annoyance many successful get, in the likes of people attributing said success to `being there at the right moment' rather than the immense dedication required. This book serves as a huge slap in the face for the believers of unchallenged fate, by people who believe choosing their fate.

Whether this book changes the way you think, or articulates your own thoughts in a way you couldn't, it serves a great guide on how to rise above the rest, to not let fear control your life, and to accept life through the eyes of someone always looking for more.

50 Cent for the win!!!!

Trent Rock @ 2009-11-22

I really liked this book...It is 50% 50 Cent biography and 50% Robert Greene..If you like all the other Robert Greene books..You will like this one.... Same formula....Present a "law" and back it up with historical examples...It has a definite Machiavellianism feel to it...And..let's face it 50 Cent's story is pretty interesting too!!! If you like Fiddy and Robert Greene..Well..This is THE book for you...They "bible" look of the hardcover version is SWEET!!!!! Would make a great gift....

My only complaint is they used the same stories about 50 Cent over and over...his mix tape campaign, his getting dropped by Columbia Records, etc....I really like the historical examples..I wish there were more of them though...It's what makes Robert Greene books interesting....This book definitely opened up my eyes to certain areas of my life..Look at it as The Prince for entrepreneurs
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